World Wide Webbie

Web Design - - the good old days plugging away using word pad and Modzilla 3.1 Gold to perform web site development.

These tools were more than adequate in development in early web sites.  One of the original web sited created by BinarySuns was  This site was created using simple hand written HTML code from word pad.  

It seems odd that it has been over 10 years sense the creation of our first web site - - today the proliferation of high quality tools that can be obtained free, 30 day free trial, or even rented has eliminated the need to support web site creation.

If the end user desires a quick method to get their web site up and running with out blowing your budget - go to places like buy a domain name - and get on the web using their tools all within a matter of a 24 hours. Go Daddy has good price(s), fair to good service, and many options to chose from.